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How to join the Association

Joining us is simple, and is open to all Coulsdon households in our area:
These comprise all Coulsdon addresses that are in the London Borough of Croydon, are west of the London to Brighton railway line and south of Smitham Downs Road.
Essentially, it is the Coulsdon Town electoral ward, trimmed by the main railway line.
A map of our area can be found here (opens in new page).

Membership costs a mere £3 per household, per year. Less expensive than many alternatives!
Membership can be taken out at any time in the year, and runs for 12 months.

We are looking to introduce a 'supporter' category for households outside the area, and for corporate groups to take part in the Association.
The annual fee would be the same as for members, but supporters would not be able to vote, or be members of the Executive committee, or to call for general meetings.

Once upon a time, subscriptions were collected by an army of road stewards, but today, online payments (good) or a standing order (best) is preferred.

Our payment details may be found on this standing order form  here (opens in new page)

When setting up your standing order, or paying by telephone banking or online banking, please use your house name or number in addition to your postcode as the reference: for example, 47 CR5 3DH.
There is no need to add your name, or other text, as the reference field that our bank receives is very short!
At the same time, please use the email link below to drop a note to us so that we get your full names, email and phone number.
This is so that we can match your payment to you, and maintain complete records!

Work is in progress on a secure on-line form.

Until then, please contact us via this email:

GDPR New wording! (Since Autumn 2021)

The General Data Protection Regulations require us to inform you how your data is used, and how to ask for its erasure.
We have changed the wording on the basis of recent advice, breaking down your consent into different categories.

The contact information that we collect from you when you join (and at any subsequent times) is held by us in a digital format, and is the basis of our membership system.
We will advise you when your subscription is falling due (if you do not use a standing order to pay us) - using email, phone or road steward.

We expect to produce at least one paper newsletter per year, which will also be available in digital form on the website. Other newsletters - 2 or 3 per year - will generally only be in digital format on the website.
If specifically requested, we may have limited print runs of the 'digital' newsletters available for those without internet access.
We also expect to be issuing 'eblasts': regular or ad-hoc emails with items that we expect to be of interest to Coulsdon residents.

So we need your explicit consent to opt-in for:

Delivery of paper newsletters - using your postal address.
Sending links to digital newsletters - using your email address.
'Eblasts': Regular or ad-hoc emails to inform you of news of the community, meetings or social events.

You may ask us to remove or modify your details from our systems at any time via the Consent Update form below.
In the event that we have no contact with you for three years, we will remove the data without being asked.
We do not pass your details on to any third parties.

Following problems with the automated email link, the process has been modified slightly.
The link will now bring up a short text form on the screen, on a new page, which we ask you to paste into your email program, fill out and, email to us. You can then just close the text page.

GDPR Consent Update Form

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