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The organisation of the CWRA

The Association is a collection of adults, 'the members,' who live in the association's area  (see the membership page).

From time to time General Meetings are held, when all members are invited.
Usually these only happen once each year, "the Annual General Meeting", when those eligible to join are also invited.
At these General Meetings, Officers and other Committee Members are elected from the members.

The Association has a Constitution that governs the activities of the Association.
     A copy of the current Constitution can be found here (opens in new page).

The Executive Committee, with their rôles and responsibilities
Chair: Richard Walker, Planning, Website
Vice Chair: Lynne Rothberg: Community safety/Police panel
Secretary: Yasmin Dubash: Roads, parking
Treasurer: Keith Edwards
Committee Member: Peter Appleford: Public Transport
Committee Member: Paul Ford: Communications
Committee Member: Jeannine Newham: Health Services and Environment
Committee Member: Yvonne Walker: Membership Secretary
Committee Member: Keith Watkins: Social Media Officer

We are always looking for new people to join or to assist the Executive Committee!

We are particularly interested in building up the number of Road Stewards.
If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact us using this link

Selected minutes from committee meetings may be found here (opens in new page).

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